Tang Eray Lemonade Strain 28 Grams

Tang Eray Lemonade Strain 28 Grams


Tang Eray lemonade cookies is a strain got from a collaboration between Lemonnade x Cookies. This new sativa is quickly becoming a favorite among cannabis consumers. The buds transition between light to dark green with some orange hair patches popping up occasionally. It has a smell like a tangerine fruit, leaving a citrus flavor at back of your tongue.

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Buy Tang Eray Lemonade Strain, also known as “Tang Eray,” is a sativa leaning hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the delicious Lemonnade X another unknown sativa dominant hybrid strain. Named for its mouthwatering and tangy flavor, this bud has a high that’s vibrant and eye-opening, perfect for a wake-and-bake.

About Tang Eray Lemonade Strain

The aroma is on the sweeter side, although still heavily citrusy and woody, with sour orange overtones. The Tangeray high is just as bright, with lifting and energizing effects that will get you up and moving. You’ll feel creative and happy. A sense of focused energy that gets you moving on mental or physical tasks with ease flows through you. This is accompanied by a touch of physical relaxation that keeps your head from flying too high into the atmosphere.

Effects of Tang Eray

Every toke welcomes on lip-puckering kinds of harsh citrus and sweet lemon, wrapped up with traces of sharp wood and hearty pine. The smell is on the better side, albeit still intensely citrusy and woody, with harsh orange suggestions. The Tang Eray Lemonade Cookies  high is similarly as splendid, with lifting and invigorating impacts that will get you up and moving.

Thanks to these vivid effects and its high 17-24% average THC level, Tangeray is perfect for treating chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, mood swings and chronic pain.

His almost snowy effect is super sticky too with resin droplets hidden below the layers of crystals. As you pull apart each nug, rich aromas of dank hash and spicy earth dance through your senses. Thus, leaving your mouth watering with anticipation. Isn’t that great?. it is. then what are you waiting for to have a taste of this strain. The flavor doesn’t let up either, mixing fresh sweet pine with earthy sage.  And hash for a delicious classic taste that lingers long after you toke. Thus, Buy Tang Eray strain Atlanta, Buy Tang Eray strain Canada, buy Tang Eray strain Europe, Buy Tang Eray strain online.

Medical benefits of Tang Eray strain.

Due to the high THC level of this strain, the strain is known to have many medical benefits. Therefore, it has been recommended by many medical doctors for patients. Thus Tang Eray strain for sale Europe, Tang Eray strain for sale online. Some of these medical conditions solved by this strain include the following.  insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and stress. Therefore, what are you waiting to have a taste of this strain. Hence, Buy Tang Eray strain UK, Buy Tang Eray weed online, buy weed Ireland, THC level of Tang Eray strain.

Where To Buy This Strain

A lot of dispensaries in U.S claim to sell authentic cookies strains. Most of these dispensaries are fake. We recommend you visit a cookies dispensary. You can also shop online at our dispensary for the highest quality cookies weed at the best prices.

If you are looking for a reliable place or plug to Purchase Tang Eray strain from, you can always visit our website. We can assure you of the constant stock of  this strain as we know how much people do love it. Therefore, we have maintained a level of stock management to make sure there is always stock of it.  Why not purchase with us now and enjoy the best service ever. Therefore, Buy Tang Eray cookies online, Tang Eray Cookies, Tang Eray lemonade, lemonade Tang Eray, Tang Eray THC level.


As I broke the seal on the bag what I revealed inside was a mix of small to medium sized nugs, the buds were nice and fluffy and soft considering we have a package date of 08/21/19 and a harvest date of nearly a month before. The flower was covered in a abundant amount of trichs that covered the entire outer layer of the plant that gave it a blondish coating, the tones were almost like a camo green that switched back and forth blending between dark green and a light more earthy green, upon the grind the flow of thrichomes continued on the inside and the color remained the same.


I opened the bag, and the only word I could say was….WOW! I could not stop smelling, it was absolutely unique and distinct that I will forever know that nose. At first my nostrils filled with the orange flavor from the; tangie but that soon married together nicley with a citrusy lemony lime musk; that just made my mouth water, a blend of sweet and tangy deliciousness.
Taste-Upon the; inhale I recieved a mix of a sweet orange combined with a; subtle hint of a earthy orange rind, the smoke goes down super smooth and is absolutely amazing. The exhale leaned more toward the sweet side of the flavor like a mix of orange,lime,lemon and cantaloupe that lingered in your mouth and was equally as smooth as the inhale, truly next level terps!


I took my first rip out of the bong and as I exhaled I could instantly feel a; nice zing building at the front of my head, second snap in and a halo began to; wrap around my head as I begin pondering about a; mix of things that fluctuated rapidly; I feel the energy building like a locomotive chugging full steam; not stopping at a station anytime soon. Third hit and I was completly floored, feeling the urge to get up and just get stuff done and I did, the stone was long lasting and a great morning or afternoon uplift that put you in a great mood just rearing to go.

Now as far as the flower, the stone, the smell and the taste, absolutely phenominal. The only real issue i had was; the ticket paid for something that was, harvested 8 months ago and packaged 7 months. That does not change that this; flower is truely a unique flavor filled experience, we gave it a 5.0 and would nab it anytime I found it as its a good one to have in the arsenal.

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1 Pound (lbs) 128 bags, Half Pound (64 bags), Ounce (8 bags), Quarter Pound (32 bags)




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